Christmas Traditions


10 of our favourite Christmas Traditions

Christmas and tradition are inseparable. We love nearly everything about the sparkliest holiday of the year and we’ve listed 10 of our favourite family Christmas traditions for our Winter Funlanders. Don’t forget to tell us what your favourites are; we’d love to hear how your family spend Christmas!

1. Christmas Dinner

The bigger the better! Although turkey is now the traditional meat, it didn’t arrive in Britain from America until the 16th century. Henry VIII was the first monarch to have turkey for Christmas!

2. Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t like getting a Christmas card? The first documented card to be sent was delivered in 1611 to King James I, but cards weren’t popular until 1843. Introduced as a way to promote the penny post, they took off and we still send them now.

3. Carols

What’s  your favourite? Carols started being sung in Rome in the 4th century and became an essential part of the Christmas festival. We’ve been singing them ever since and enjoying the festive mood!

4. Christmas Pudding

Love it or loathe it, it has a central part in the whole Christmas dinner experience. Do you make your own or buy it? Christmas Pudding used to be known as plum pudding, but there aren’t any plums in it – it’s the old term for raisins! Made with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and the 12 apostles, it’s changed a bit since then, but still popular.

5. Christmas Tree

Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, is allegedly responsible for introducing the Christmas tree to Victorian Britain and we’ve taken it to our hearts. You can’t miss out on a beautiful, glittering, sparkling tree – and pine trees smell amazing too.

6. Gifts under the tree

Creeping down in the morning to see if Santa has been. That excitement is fantastic! We love gifts! Different parts of the world have different places to leave the gifts, some places in stockings, some in shoes. Take your pick.

7. Gingerbread

Gingerbread at Christmas has been around for more than 200 years. The tradition comes from Germany and “Lebkuchen” (gingerbread) is a solid part of the Christmas experience – we love it too!

8. Decorations

Tinsel, bunting, Advent calendars, baubles, and any glitter are a staple of Christmas and the most familiar and widespread used decoration is tinsel. We all love tinsel, but did you know it has been around since the 17th century and was made of shredded silver?

9. Stockings filled with gifts

Waking up to find gifts in our stocking is one of the best bits of Christmas, but did you know that the tradition comes from a long time ago? Legend has it that long ago a man with 3 daughters had no money for their dowries (money given to the proposed husbands to marry them). Saint Nicholas heard the story when he was travelling through the man’s village and pitied him, then he dropped 3 bags of gold down the chimney and they landed in his stockings which were hung up to dry.

10. Mistletoe

Hanging Mistletoe up is a very old tradition for Christmas and has its roots in Anglo-Saxon England. The idea is that you would pick a berry before you could kiss and when all the berries were gone, there was no more kissing! Mistletoe was supposed to bring luck to the family and once Christmas was over, it was burned.

We’ve picked some of the more obvious ones, do your family have your own traditions? Let us know! Is there something which you do which makes it truly Christmas for your family?

Not long to go to Christmas!

Don’t forget to order your Winter Funland tickets, book your slot and then get in the festive mood! We open our doors on the 7th December until 1st January and you can reserve your time in the biggest and most exciting Christmas event in the north west! We can’t wait to see you!